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Costs & What You Get

This is a unique opportunity for our members to gain access to an exclusive advanced speed, agility, & strength training atmosphere for a fraction of what if would cost if you were to hire an individual trainer.

All participants have the option to participate UNLIMITED Days & Times. Classes are Monday-Friday and are held every hour on the hour starting at 1PM, with the last class at 7PM.

The total monthly cost is $100.00 per month. It works out to be on average $12.50 per training session if you take advantage of attending at least 2 times per week.

Speed, Quickness, & Agility Training
Arm Care & Strength Training
Arm Care & Strength Training
Explosiveness, Strength, & Speed Training
Explosiveness, Strength, & Speed Training
Core Training
Core Training


Register in Minutes Online and Attend Class Today!

No Appointments, No Excuses!  You Can Fit Us Into Your Schedule With Our Flexible Day & Time Format

This is a speciality advanced training clinic held on Weekdays Mon-Fri and classes start every hour on the hour starting at 1PM & the last class at 7 PM. You can pick your day & time, and come as much as you want during the week. No Appointments, No Excuses!

  • UNLIMITED! training every day all you can eat
  • Train next door to the Big West Training Facility in San Juan Capistrano- Your training is all in one place!
  • ANY SPORTS- Invite your Friends & Family!
  • DAYS: Monday-Friday from 1PM-7PM. Come any time every hour on the hour.
  • COST: $100.00 Per/Month
  • LOCATION: 32405 Calle Perfecto, San Juan Capistrano (right next door to Big West's Training Center)

Kyle Willett – Head of  Training

Kyle Willett is a 2007 graduate of Santa Margarita where he was a dual sport athlete playing both baseball and football. After SMCHS, he went on to play baseball at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon. In 2010, he helped lead his team to a NWAACC South championship. Kyle continued his baseball career at Vanguard University while obtaining his degree in Exercise Science. He then went on to coach at SMCHS under coach Dave Bacani from 2012 through 2014. As an outfield coach, hitting coach, and speed coach, Kyle helped the Eagles win a CIF championship in 2014. In that time, he turned down a professional contract from the Raton Osos to begin his career with Redline Athletics. Kyle has been a part of the Redline Family since 2007, first as a client, then intern, Head Trainer, and officially became the owner in January 2016.

Education and Certifications

  • Vanguard University
  • BS in Exercise Science
  • Sports Performance Specialist (SPS)
  • CPR & AED certified

Athletic Achievements

  • NWAACC South Championship in 2010- *Hit .330 while leading the team in stolen bases
  • CIF Champion as a coach in 2014 with SMCHS
  • Over 100 stolen bases during college career


In addition to gaining access to our REDLINE program. Your son is invited to attend weekly team workouts with their respective age groups. Basically you will get to train & practice with the team, but not participate in game action unless we invite you out as a guest player.

  • Train Only With us in your respective age group
  • No Team Weekend Commitments- Just Training!
  • 2-3 Practices per week (hitting & fielding)
  • Open to Anyone- Invite your Friends & Family!
  • DAYS: Depends on age & what time the teams practice
  • COST: Included $100.00 Per/Month
  • LOCATIONS: At Big West Training Center & Field TBD
  • Ages 7-18
  • This is a great alternative to getting the proper training and still being able to play recreational baseball!
Heres How To SIGN UP

Click the link (above or below) to signup for KLINIK. You will need to do 2 things in order to register. First, you need to sign the waiver form. When you sign it, you will indicate which KLINIK program you are signing up for- or maybe you want to do both. Regardless it costs the same. This waiver will go to our KLINIK program director. Lastly, you need to submit payment of $100.00 to us. This is done via secured online merchant. From there, you will be sent an email with the corresponding coaching staff for your child's age group. They will give you their weekly schedule for you to attend.



Register in Minutes Online and Attend Class Today!


101 Baseball Fundamentals:

For players that still need to learn the fundamentals of the game of baseball, this is a great class to get involved with. We'll teach basic fundamentals from throwing, to fielding, to hitting, to catching.  As they progress and develop, so will the training in this class.


201 Developing the Core:

Because core and balance is so important, We have given it special attention.  The stabilization of core and the strong ability to balance when needed has a huge impact on performance.  We will develop an athletes ability to gain greater control of their body for highest probability of success in their respective sport.

301 Speed and Agility:

We have a learning progression when it comes to speed and agility- Walk, Job, Skip & Run.  Learning agility and increasing speed is a step by step process.  Focusing on dorsiflexing, toes toward shin and on ground contact are some of things that all athletes will learn at this level. Foot quickness and reaction time will also be developed at this time.

401 Explosiveness & Strength:

Learn to be an explosive athlete...

We will continue to have athletes increase their performance with developing better acceleration and high action velocities.  Simply put, we will increase their ability to hold onto maximal or near maximal strength and powers throughout any given task.

501 Power:

A stronger athlete is always a better one.  We will not only get stronger but learn how to do so without injury.  All exercises are sports specific to the needs of the athlete.  We encourage athletes from all sports to attend KLINIK.

All athletes must test up to each part of program so we can accomplish our goals without injury.

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